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        1. (gamma): New shows, returned shows, streaming advice

          New shows from a new source, the 1964–65 radio play revival Theater 5:

          • #21, The Scream
          • #106, Five Strangers
          • #154, The Land of Milk and Honey

          From the 1968–70 South African radio series Beyond Midnight:

          • #11, No-Name Baby
          • #13, Lanceford House
          • #18, All at Sea
          • #20, The Dream
          • #41, The Happy Return

          From the 1943–52 mystery, suspense, and horror series The Mysterious Traveler:

          • #111, The Locomotive Ghost
          • #256, The Lady in Red
          • #344, Strange New World

          From The Weird Circle, a 1943–45 series that adapted horror literature to radio:

          • #43, The Bell Tower
          • #63, The Ancient Mariner

          That's probably all I'll be taking from those sources.

          New show in Escape:

          • #6, The Ring of Thoth

          New shows in the LibriVox selection:

          • #44, The Fall of Babbulkund
          • #45, Power and Spectacle (short works by Kafka)
          • #46, The Sword of Welleran
          • #47, Great and Little Ones (short works by Dunsany)
          • #48, Gaffer Death

          I also returned a few removed shows to the Archive:

          • The Black Mass X#4: The Judgement
          • The Black Mass X#6: Flies
          • Lights Out A#51: Until Dead
          • Quiet, Please #4: The Ticket Taker
          • Quiet, Please #23: Three
          • Quiet, Please #73: Adam and the Darkest Day
          • Quiet, Please #89: If I Should Wake Before I Die
          • Quiet, Please #94: The Venetian Blind Man
          • Suspense #379: Salvage

          There's a few other changes in the Archive, this time to series/source info: I've changed dates to be specific years instead of decade ranges and added first-published dates for LibriVox sources (other than the LibriVox selection).

          I also added some advice for any streamers who might broadcast Weird Waves; it can be found in the About section.

          Finally, I moved another post—the second of the two huge posts about removing shows—into the News Archive and added a new section there for old schedules, which lists them by name and date and links to the old files.

        2. (gamma): New setting, news archive changes

          I added probably the last setting I'll add: You can now set the radio's position in widescreen view to be left (default) or right of the rest of the page content.

          I also moved a few more news posts to the News Archive and gave the page a bit of an overhaul (re-ordered posts earliest to latest, put links to blog posts in the main post lists, gave all news posts consistent date formats, and a few other things).

        3. (gamma): Tidying up from last week

          Just a little update tidying up the duplicate shows I had to leave in the Archive during the big update last week because they were on that week's schedule, plus a few other similar changes that won't really be visible on the front end.

        For older news, see the News Archive.


        Weird Waves is a fake radio station broadcasting horror and weird fiction! It has Old Time Radio (OTR) plays, audiobooks, and podcast stories. Shows start every hour on the hour; schedules start on Monday in the station's timezone (UTC).

        Tune in to listen! Alternatively, choose any show in the Archive or click the Random link in the menu.

        Getting started

        The Schedule lists which shows are playing this week; the Forecast lists when they play. Check the other sections of the site to see what else there is!

        Staying updated

        Check the Call In section to find me elsewhere! I post schedules every Monday on social media and in the RSS feed, which also includes news updates.

        Content notes

        Find show-specific notes in the Radio, Schedule, and Archive.

        There's also a few general ones: death and worse fates (this station's mostly for horror, after all) and implicit bigotry in the older sources (I weed out the worse ones, but the rest still reflect the baseline shittiness of their time).

        Streaming Weird Waves?

        If you're a streamer using the Weird Waves radio via a browser source, you can give it a neater, widget-like look by using a source width of 800px or less and applying this custom CSS:

        #radio {margin-block-end: 100vh;}

        You can either pick a colour scheme from the Settings (by temporarily removing the default custom CSS that prevents you from scrolling while Interacting with the browser source), or customise the default theme by adding this custom CSS and replacing the colour codes with your own choices:

        .theme-dark {
        	--foreground-colour: #fdffdc;
        	--background-colour: #000627;
        	--hot-detail-colour: #ff6767;
        	--cold-detail-colour: #b9ab00;

        Your stream software may have default custom CSS to make browser sources' backgrounds transparent so the sources blend in with your stream. You can delete this code to make the background visible again, e.g. by removing the following from the default custom CSS in OBS:

        background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);


        For shows, check the Archive.

        For fonts, check the Settings.

        The app is hosted on Neocities.

        Everything else by Speak the Sky!


        Shows by source




        • When do shows start?

          Every hour on the hour.

        • How long do shows run for?

          Most run 20-30 minutes. No show will run over one hour (longer shows will be split into smaller parts).

        • What if I miss a show?

          Shows repeat during the week—check the Forecast to see exactly when shows play. Don't worry if you miss something completely: shows will be rerun in future, and whole weekly schedules might even be reused (if you're desperate, you can find the show's source link in the Archive and listen to it whenever you want).

        • When does the schedule start?

          New schedules start at 12 a.m. on Monday in the UTC+0 timezone.


        • I tuned in just before the hour started, but the show didn't start

          Occasionally, if you tune in to an intermission, the last few seconds of the previous show will play before the intermission starts, no matter what time the show actually ended. If you tune in right before the start of the hour then those few seconds might overlap with—and block—the start of the next show. Solution: Try refreshing the page.

        • The Radio's playing a show that's not on the Forecast

          There's a currently-unavoidable bug if you tune in during the last show on the Forecast (at the end of the week in the station's timezone) instead of tuning in before it starts and letting it start automatically. Solution: There isn't one. Just think of it as a teaser for next week, I guess.

        • I tuned in during/after a show, but it started from the beginning

          This shouldn't happen at all and means a vital part of the station isn't running, or can't run, in your browser. Solution: Try refreshing the page, but you'll probably need to email me at the address given below this FAQ.

        • There's a message reading Sorry, this site requires javascript!

          Javascript's been disabled in your browser or on your device. Solution: If you've disabled javascript then you probably know how to enable it again. If not, look up how to enable javascript in your browser, on your current device.

        • The Schedule and Forecast are empty and there's no Radio

          Either the script files didn't download correctly or they had a fatal error that stopped them from running. Solution: Try refreshing the page. If that fails, try a cache refresh (there are different keyboard shortcuts for this in each browser, on each operating system, so you'll have to look it up).

        • My settings reset every time I restart my browser

          If you use strict privacy settings in your browser then it may not save this site's settings. Solution: Set an exception for this site in your browser's privacy settings.

        Can't find the answers you're looking for? Solutions didn't fix your problems? Email with your questions.


        • Audio

        • Content notes

        • Forecast

          You can use “personal primetime” to mark a range of times each day on the Forecast. When active, enter the hours that primetime should start and end (in 24-hour format, e.g. “17” is 5 p.m.), then click the button to update the Forecast.

        • Site theme

        • Site font

          The serif font is Bitter by Sol Matas. The sans-serif font is Fira Sans by Carrois Type Design and the Mozilla Foundation.

        • Widescreen radio position

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