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        1. (beta): Chatbox removal, random show link, more new shows

          First, I didn't like how the look of the Cbox chatbox clashed with the look of the site, or how it messed with looping around the page using keyboard navigation. So, I removed it (it didn't get any traffic in the ~2 weeks it was up, anyway).

          Second, I added another link at the bottom of the nav menu—a link that takes you to a random show (specifically, it takes you straight to the file, no chance to see the blurb etc.). It's super-simple and I might fix up the version I made that takes you to a show in the archive instead (but then I'll have to slightly change the way navigating between sections works, so…).

          The new shows are all from Dimension X again:

          • #14, Mars Is Heaven!
          • #17, The Potters of Firsk
          • #35: The Last Objective
          • #48, Kaleidoscope

          I also fixed a problem with the primetime setting that made it display wrong on the top day on the Forecast at most hours of the day.

        2. (beta): New shows from a new source

          I've added 6 more shows from a new OTR series, Dimension X, a 1950s series mostly made of adaptations of sci-fi short stories. Here's the first few shows I picked:

          • #7, The Lost Race
          • #11, There Will Come Soft Rains and Zero Hour
          • #21, The Parade
          • #36, Nightmare
          • #45, Untitled Story
          • #50, Nightfall
        3. (beta): Listen in the Archive! Plus, new shows

          Every show in the Archive now has a link to the audio file on the server, so you can listen to anything in the station at any time.

          I've also added a new series: Fifty-one Tales, a collection of short stories by Lord Dunsany, recorded for LibriVox! It's split into four parts, each about half an hour long.

        4. (beta): Chatbox and trimming

          The biggest update is the chatbox! Click the button in the bottom-right of the window to open the chatbox (and click the arrow icon beside the open chatbox to close it again). I might move it to the Call In section later.

          The main other change is that I trimmed the HTML a bit to cut the number of nodes. I also double-checked the content notes in the Archive and cut a few that were redundant, trivial (e.g. things that only have tiny offhand mentions in the show), or about audio quality.

        5. (beta): More new shows

          From LibriVox:

          • #7, The Night Wire
          • #8, 2 B R 0 2 B
          • #9, The Lord of Cities

          From SCP Archives:

          • SCP-1555: “Facility”
          • SCP-3008: “Perfectly Normal IKEA”
          • SCP-5923: “The Place I Belong”
        6. (beta): Last few Quiet, Please shows

          I fixed a minor bug with the personal primetime setting form and added more Quiet, Please shows:

          • #50, Gem of Purest Ray
          • #75, One for the Book
          • #104, The Hat, the Bed, and John J. Catherine

          That's definitively the end of that series—I've checked every episode, taken the ones I want on the station, and left the rest.

        7. (beta): How to fix SCP-1861 show error

          I just realised I messed up a little on this schedule and accidentally gave it an incomplete filename for the SCP Archives show—I fixed the schedule, but you'll need to do a hard refresh to fix the old version of the schedule stored by your browser. You only need to do that once, and only this week.

          I also made a bunch of changes, but they're mostly invisible. The main difference you can see is over on the Links section, where I added a bunch of other radio stations (mostly from Neocities).

        8. (beta): Script changes (settings reset)

          Just made some changes to the way settings are stored and recalled, which will reset all settings to the default (i.e. you'll need to go back to the Settings page and reset them if you had custom settings before now).

        9. (beta): Tweaked mute-tune-in setting and toggle switches

          I've updated the mute-tune-in function so now that setting mutes no matter whether you're tuning into a show or an intermission instead of just when tuning into a show. I also tweaked the toggle switches to be in line with the other inputs look.

        10. (beta): Fixed Dark theme flash (hopefully) and last beta to-do list

          Until now, the site's appeared in the Dark theme for a fraction of a second when you arrive even if you picked a different theme in Settings. That should now be fixed, or shorter at least.

          The same applies to the font (but it's less noticeable than the colours).

          Here's the to-do list for the rest of beta:

          • get to 250 shows
          • put up a generic version of Weird Waves on codeberg or somewhere
          • change the News icon

          The first's pretty self-explanatory. Second's gonna be the app by itself, with all the Weird Waves-specific content and styling (and script, but there probably isn't much) stripped out. Third's just something I wanna do to cut that icon's code down to the same size as the rest of the icons on the site; everything else is under 300 B, but the News icon's over 750 and also not on a grid. Neither's a huge problem, I just think there's probably a simpler way to do the lightning bolts that fixes both issues.

          I'm thinking Jan/Feb next year to get to 250 shows, but the other stuff should be quicker (maybe done before December).

        11. (beta): Fixed Daylight Savings Time issue and added new shows

          Turns out there was a problem with the Forecast being offset when the week starts in DST and ends in regular time (or vice versa, probably). That should be fixed now!

          I also added 5 more Quiet, Please shows:

          • #14, How Are You, Pal?
          • #23, Three
          • #31, Little Visitor
          • #32, The Room Where the Ghosts Live
          • #101, The Oldest Man in the World

          Lastly, I cleaned up the “personal primetime” setting a bit. Now the extra inputs slide and fade in/out when you activate/deactivate the setting, and the explanation's a lot shorter.

        12. (beta): More shows

          Added some more SCP Archives shows:

          • SCP-1861: “Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer”
          • SCP-3515: “Unearth”
          • SCP-5005: “Lamplight”
          • SCP-6003: “The Beacon”
          • SCP-6439: “October 32”

          As well as two non-horror Quiet, Please episodes:

          • #35, The Pathetic Fallacy
          • #81, The Time of the Big Snow

          I've also made a number of changes to tighten up the scripts, and built a new script that lets me generate themed schedules from a big list of shows I've tagged up (with themes like "machinery", "travel", "murder" and so on).

        13. (beta): Font picker, personal primetime, and more shows

          Added a font picker! It works the same as the theme picker in that it's a set of buttons for different options. Right now there's only two (and I don't have plans to add more any time soon): serif and sans-serif. The serif font's the default Weird Waves has used up to now (Bitter) and the sans-serif is Fira Sans.

          There's another new setting called “personal primetime”, which is basically just a way to mark ranges of time on the Forecast (e.g. if you're able to listen to shows in that span of time). I cut the dynamic vs static forecast setting to simplify this and also fix another problem (when the forecast was static, the upcoming forecast on the landing page would only show the first few shows on the Forecast, not the current/next few shows from the current time).

          I also added some more Suspense shows:

          • #92: Donovan's Brain, part 1
          • #93: Donovan's Brain, part 2
          • #224: The Thing in the Window
          • #259: Murder Aboard the Alphabet
          • #648: The Waxwork

          And 3 shows from a new series/source, SCP Archives:

          • SCP-701: “The Hanged King”
          • SCP-1981: “Reagan Cut Up”
          • SCP-3673: “But when The Door is Closed”
        14. (beta): More themes

          Added 8 more themes: flame, plasm, moss, darker, ash, dust, mist, and silver. That's it for now. I also swapped the detail colours for the wine theme.

          I also made a couple changes to how the scripts are organised, tweaked the waveform decorations on the landing page, fixed a minor issue with document title changes in the News Archive, and switched the positions of the volume slider and mute button (now volume on left and mute on right) so the clicking the mute/unmute button doesn't change the volume slider's position.

        15. (beta): Landing page and theme picker

          Now there's a landing page! Instead of just dumping you in the News section the site gives you the latest news (highlighting posts added since you last visited the site, with 24 hours of leeway), info about the schedule, and the upcoming shows on the forecast. There's a similar, but way more basic section in the news archive page (plus a new timeline section).

          I've also added a theme-picker to the Settings section, with 4 basic themes: dark, light, goop, and wine.

        16. (beta): Subtle style changes

          Updated how the settings were displayed a little to make them more concise and easier to read.

          Made a bunch of subtle style changes (the most obvious ones are things like the "show-until" and "up-next" messages no longer being smaller and less opaque than the rest of the show heading in the Radio).

          I've also been testing out alternate colour schemes, so the theme picker'll probably be the next major feature I add. Here's the default colours and the other two themes I've been working on:

          • Dark (regular, hot, cold)
          • Light (regular, hot, cold)
          • Wine (regular, hot, cold)
        17. (beta): More shows and a few fixes

          First, a bugfix: I fixed an issue with the “tune-in mute” setting, where it made the station switch audio between muted and unmuted instead of only setting audio to be muted.

          Second, I added timestamps for certain loud SFX in the content notes for their shows.

          I've also added a bunch more Magnus Archives shows:

          • #23: Schwartzwald
          • #24: Strange Music
          • #29: Cheating Death
          • #30: Killing Floor
          • #47: The New Door
          • #48: Lost in the Crowd
          • #51: High Pressure
          • #52: Exceptional Risk
          • #61: Hard Shoulder
          • #62: First Edition
          • #63: The End of the Tunnel
          • #64: Burial Rites
          • #65: Binary
          • #66: Held in Customs
          • #75: A Long Way Down
          • #76: The Smell of Blood
          • #115: Taking Stock
          • #116: The Show Must Go On
          • #123: Web Development
          • #124: Left Hanging

          Finally, I noticed the Mindwebs audio was stuttering at the start. That might've been down to the filesize (the files are 2-3 times as big as the ones for other series), since I haven't seen that with other shows (yet), so I re-exported the audio with lower settings and mono instead of stereo.

        18. (beta): Tweaked styling and added to Links

          Couple small changes to style, e.g. the opacity of the external-link symbol, and added some links to the Links section to start off with. They're a mix of general horror/old media/weird stuff, other tiny online radio stations, and little games/toys/tools/apps.

          Now every section's got at least something in it.

        19. (beta): To-do list

          Here's my list of things to do in beta:

          • Landing page

            Instead of landing straight on news, it'd be neat to have a little landing page that pulls in stuff from other pages (recent news titles, show names on the schedule, the next few shows on the Forecast, a little About-style intro, etc.).

          • New features

            • bookmarking (ability to mark specific shows in the Archive/Schedule/Radio)
            • theme picker (at least have a couple more colour themes, and maybe a custom theme maker since there's only 4 colours)
            • “personal primetime” (a setting that lets you mark a time range as the best range for you to listen to the show, which'll get marked on the Forecast too)
            • font size setting (add 2-4 more font sizes)
          • Custom elements/web components

            • collapsable list items in FAQ
            • toggle-switches on the settings page
          • Proper news archive

            Right now it's mostly just the same as this page, which is mostly fine except for the widescreen layout.

          Plus general improvements to the scripts, stylesheet (e.g. using relative sizes), and page sections, and getting up to 250 shows in the Archive.

        20. (beta): Accepting the final-hour bug

          After getting rid of the tune-out button and code to try and fix the final-hour bug I realised caused another bug, so I'm just gonna accept the final-hour bug is a part of the app now (unless I radically rewrite it, which I'm definitely not gonna do right now).

        21. (beta): The final-hour bug

          Today I realised the bug-fix I just applied actually adds new problems, and the solution to those problems also adds new problems etc.

          I'm calling the bug the final-hour bug because it only happens if you tune in to an ongoing show in the final hour of the current forecast (the final hour of the week in the station's timezone). If you tune in before the hour and let the show start automatically, you'll hear the last show on the current week's forecast (this is what should happen). If you tune in during the show instead, then you'll hear the last show on the next week's forecast.

          I've figured out that, at least the way the app's coded right now, I can either have the right show play for everyone in the final hour, or I can have the ability to tune out and back in again. If everyone got the wrong show I'd probably accept that the bug exists and just treat it like a teaser; it's the fact that different people get different shows that bothers me, so I'm probably gonna switch back to the old way things worked, where you tuned in once and that was that.

        22. (beta): Fixing a timing bug

          Quick news post cause I found and fixed a new bug caused by adding the tune-out button last week (specifically, by another part of code I changed to make tuning out work properly). The bug only affected the station in the last hour of the week and made it play the last show from next week's schedule instead of the last show from the current week's schedule.

          This is now fixed (hopefully), along with another bug caused by the fix.

        23. (beta): From alpha to beta

          Bugfix: fixed a problem where toggles set to “off” on pageload wouldn't update the first time they were clicked (so the setting would change, but the toggle wouldn't, desyncing the toggle and the setting so they were actually opposites until you refreshed the page).

          Just done the last few tweaks, moved the alpha news to a news News Archive page, added a super-simple spinner icon that shows when the station's getting a schedule and tuning in, and finished adding the last few shows to get over 100, all from The Magnus Archives:

          • #1: Angler Fish
          • #2: Do Not Open
          • #15: Lost Johns' Cave
          • #16: Arachnophobia
          • #33: Boatswain's Call
          • #34: Anatomy Class
          • #85: Upon the Stair
          • #86: Tucked In

          One other little thing I did was update the default schedule (which the app uses if it can't find the weekly one on the server). Now it's got 16 good shows taken from the 100 on the station! Instead of literally just the first 7 shows I added, but in reverse order.

          That finally brings the station to beta, with the first 100 shows and all the basic setup, layout, and features in place. Post coming soon about the next steps!

        For older news, see the News Archive.


        Weird Waves is a fake radio station broadcasting a schedule of horror and weird fiction!

        It broadcasts radio plays, audiobooks, podcast stories, and more, all public domain or under open licenses. Shows start every hour on the hour and new schedules start every week in the station's timezone (UTC+0). Tune in to listen!

        Getting started

        The Schedule lists which shows are playing this week; the Forecast lists when they're playing. Click around the different sections of the site to see what else there is!

        Content Notes

        You can find each show's content notes in the Radio, Schedule, and Archive. There's also a few general ones: death and worse fates (this station's mostly for horror, after all) and implicit bigotry in the older sources (I weed out the worse ones, but the rest still reflect the baseline shittiness of their time).


        Shows by source


        The main serif font is Bitter by Sol Matas. The main sans-serif font is Fira Sans by Carrois Type Design and the Mozilla Foundation.

        For show/series/source credits, check the Archive. The OTR Plot Spot was useful for finding more information about old radio plays and the Magnus Archives fan-wiki page about content warnings was very useful for writing archive entries for that series.

        The app is hosted on Neocities.

        Everything else by 01bbl/Speak the Sky!


        1. Dimension X

          (X X X x x x…) A 50s sci-fi radio series of short story adaptations, along with a few original plays, mostly scripted by Ernest Kinoy and George Lefferts.

          Dimension X episodes are sourced from the Internet Archive and are used under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 International license

          1. #7: The Lost Race

            A spaceship crew crash on a forbidden planet and find dire revelations about ancient aliens—and humanity itself. Adapted from a story by Murray Leinster.

            Content notesfall death, mention of suicide
          2. #11: There Will Come Soft Rains and Zero Hour

            An automated house goes through the motions after its occupants perish in nuclear fire. Children play a game of “invasion” with very serious consequences. Adapted from stories by Ray Bradbury.

            Content notesanimal death, mentions of corporal punishment, fire, high-pitched sounds, panic attack
          3. #14: Mars Is Heaven!

            The first human explorers on Mars find the alien world is a lot more familiar—a lot more like home—than they expected it to be. Adapted from a story by Ray Bradbury.

            Content notesalcohol, betrayal, food adverts, gunshots (8:50–8:53), Holocaust mention, uncanny valley
          4. #17: The Potters of Firsk

            A space colony administrator uncovers the mystery of the planet Firsk's exquisite pottery, made with the aid of its people's ancestors. Adapted from a story by Jack Vance.

            Content notesfood adverts, gunshot (12:58), kidnapping, racism
          5. #21: The Parade

            A wealthy client hires an ad firm to announce an “alien” invasion—ending in a Martian military parade.

            Content notesfood adverts, gunshot? (26:54), panic attack
          6. #35: The Last Objective

            Hellish subterranean warfare continues after humanity poisons the surface and the sky with atomic bombs. Adapted from a poem by Paul Carter.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, entombment, gunshots (10:13, 11:34), mass suicide, war
          7. #36: Nightmare

            Technology—everything from computers to door handles—rebels against its human masters. Adapted from a poem by Stephen Vincent BenĂ©t.

            Content notesindustrial deaths, institutionalisation, paranoia, traffic deaths
          8. #45: Untitled Story

            A P.I. hunts down a medical con artist, and instead uncovers a bizarre conspiracy. Adapted from a story by Frank M. Robinson.

            Content notesanimal death, gunshot(25:53), terminal illness
          9. #48: Kaleidoscope

            A spaceship is destroyed by asteroids, leaving the survivors drifting away from each other with nothing to do before they die but talk and think. Adapted from a story by Ray Bradbury.

            Content notesisolation, panic attack, parental negligence, suicide
          10. #50: Nightfall

            Astronomers on a world ringed by six suns declare a doomsday prophecy: night will fall and cities will burn. Adapted from a story by Isaac Asimov.

            Content notesalcohol, cult belief, panic attacks
        2. Fifty-one Tales

          A collection of fifty-one very short tales of myth and fantasy by Lord Dunsany, read by Rosslyn Carlyle for LibriVox.

          LibriVox recordings are in the public domain

          1. Part 1

            From The Assignation to The Unpasturable Fields.

            Content notesfall death, poisoning, suicide
          2. Part 2

            From The Worm and the Angel to Spring in Town.

          3. Part 3

            From How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana to The Reward.

          4. Part 4

            From The Trouble in Leafy Green Street to The Tomb of Pan.

            Content notesanimal sacrifice, lynching
        3. LibriVox selection

          LibriVox is a catalogue of public domain audiobook readings, including a selection of weird fiction and horror classics from decades and centuries ago.

          LibriVox recordings are in the public domain

          1. #1: The Nameless City

            An archaeologist journeys to, and within, an ancient, nameless city not built to human proportions. Written by H. P. Lovecraft, read by Dean Delp.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, darkness
          2. #2: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

            A Confederate slave owner and attempted saboteur experiences a miraculous and harrowing escape from execution. Written by Ambrose Bierce, read by Elise Sauer.

            Content notesentrapment, facial wounds, hallucination?, hanging, near-drowning
          3. #3: The White Ship

            A lighthouse keeper fantasises of travelling through wondrous islands aboard a white ship—but his daydream may be more real than he thinks. Written by H. P. Lovecraft, read by D. E. Wittkower.

            Content notesanimal death, disease, near-drowning, shipwreck
          4. #4: The Horror of the Heights

            An aviator investigates the mysterious deaths of pilots who tried to break the altitude record—and encounters an ecosystem high above the clouds. Written by Arthur Conan Doyle, read by Mike Harris.

            Content notesbeing hunted, decapitation, isolation, jellyfish
          5. #5: short works by Lovecraft

            Three short pieces written by H.P. Lovecraft: What the Moon Brings (read by Dan Gurzynski), Dagon (read by Selim Jamil), and Nyarlathotep (read by Tom Hackett).

            Content notesbeing stranded at sea, drowning, drugs, isolation, near-drowning, nightmares, racism, suicide planning, worms
          6. #6: Idle Days on the Yann

            A dreamer travels along the river Yann aboard the ship Bird of the River, stopping in bizarre cities of wonders and monsters along the way. Written by Lord Dunsany, reading by Alex Clarke.

            Content notesalcohol
          7. #7: The Night Wire

            Graveyard shift telegram operators receive reports from an otherworldly town where strange mist clogs the streets and nightmares stalk the alleys. Written by H. F. Arnold, reading by Dan Gurzynski.

          8. #8: 2 B R 0 2 B

            In a future of immortality and severe population control, a father must find three people willing to die so his newborn triplets can be permitted to live. Written by Kurt Vonnegut, reading by Alex Clarke.

            Content notesgun death, suicide, suicide ideation
          9. #9: The Lord of Cities

            A human traveller, the road and the river, and the earth itself ruminate on life, beauty, and purpose. Written by Lord Dunsany, reading by Ed Humpal.

        4. Lights Out

          One of the earliest radio horror shows, started by Wyllis Cooper in 1934, later headed by Arch Oboler until 1947. Often more camp than scary, by modern standards.

          Lights Out episodes are in the public domain and sourced from the Internet Archive

          1. A#40, A#72, and C#9: Lights Out shorts

            A trio of short Lights Out episodes: Chicken Heart, The Dark, and The Day the Sun Exploded.

            Content notesbody horror, plane crash, racism
          2. A#51: Until Dead

            A man falsely accused of murdering his wife sets out for revenge—even after imprisonment, even after death.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, drowning, stab death, suicide
          3. A#76: Oxychloride X

            A put-upon and rejected chemistry student creates a miracle to spite his tormentors.

            Content notesfalling death
          4. A#84: The Dream

            A professor experiences dreams for the first time—or nightmares, urging him to kill. Starring Boris Karloff.

          5. A#86: Cat Wife

            A man accidentally curses his selfish wife to become a cat. Starring Boris Karloff.

          6. B#2: Revolt of the Worms

            A chemist carelessly disposes of a growth formula, with disastrous consequences.

            Content notescrushing death
          7. B#7: Come to the Bank

            A man uses psychic power walks through a bank wall—but gets trapped halfway, to his colleague's mounting terror.

            Content notesinstitutionalisation, mental breakdown
          8. B#23: Paris Macabre

            Two tourists in Paris pay to attend an increasingly strange masque ball.

            Content notesbeheading, traffic death
          9. B#25: The Flame

            A man with an affinity for flames summons a pyromaniac demon to his fireplace.

            Content notesarson, fire deaths, obsession
          10. B#32: Murder in the Script Department

            Two secretaries typing up a Lights Out script find themselves in their very own horror story.

            Content notesabandonment, locked in, mental breakdown
          11. B#38: Nature Study

            Four people become trapped in a canyon—and confess dark secrets while plagued by a mysterious shadow.

            Content notespoisoning, rock fall, suicide
          12. B#42: Profits Unlimited

            A woman inherits an ancient factory isolated on an island in the middle of the ocean for centuries, staffed by workers warped by their bosses.

            Content notesabandonment, eugenics
          13. B#47: Sub-basement

            A husband and wife encounter something horrible underneath the department store where he works.

            Content notesbroken leg, darkness
        5. The Magnus Archives

          A narrative horror podcast following the archivist Jonathan Sims as he traces the supernatural truths kept hidden in the Magnus Archives.

          The Magnus Archives episodes are by The Rusty Quill (sourced from Podbean) and used under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license

          1. #1: Angler Fish

            A student, stumbling home drunk in the hours of dark alleys and feeble streetlights, meets a man who wants a cigarette—and so much more.

            Content notesabduction, impersonation, uncanny valley
          2. #2: Do Not Open

            A man takes a simple job for big pay: don't open the box.

            Content notescompulsion, drugs, sleepwalking
          3. #15: Lost Johns' Cave

            Two sisters go caving and become trapped in a claustrophobic subterranean labyrinth that plays on their fears.

            Content notesdarkness, drowning, death of a sibling, survivor's guilt
          4. #16: Arachnophobia

            A man is stalked remorselessly by arachnid ghosts.

            Content notesbeing followed, encasement, paranoia, spiders entering mouth, suffocation
          5. #23: Schwartzwald

            An ancient, forgotten graveyard holds a malevolent secret that watches and waits while children play games and make dares above.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, darkness, eye horror
          6. #24: Strange Music

            A young woman discovers there's more to her dead grandfather's old calliope organ—and carnie trunk—than meets the eye.

            Content notesbloody violence, clowns, dolls, unhealthy romantic relationship
          7. #29: Cheating Death

            A bleeding, dying soldier makes a bet with Death that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

            Content notesexistential horror, self-harm
          8. #30: Killing Floor

            A slaughterhouse reveals its hunger to a worker who's burning out working on the killing floor.

            Content notesbody horror, self-harm
          9. #33: Boatswain's Call

            A desperate sailor, stranded in a foreign port, takes work on a ship with a sinister captain, a silent crew, and a dark purpose.

          10. #34: Anatomy Class

            A lecturer teaches human anatomy to seven overly-inquisitive students who seem unfamiliar with even the basics of life.

            Content notesblood, body horror, mention of suicide, teeth, uncanny valley
          11. #47: The New Door

            An estate agent takes a sinister buyer on a house tour, only to take a wrong turn into a waking nightmare.

            Content notesabduction
          12. #48: Lost in the Crowd

            A restless traveller far away from home finds herself surrounded by inhuman strangers, in a strange land.

            Content notesabduction, agoraphobia, derealisation, rough sleeping, uncanny valley
          13. #51: High Pressure

            A deep-water salvage diver goes beyond the abyss while recovering heirlooms from a nautical graveyard.

            Content notesasphyxiation, darkness, drowning
          14. #52: Exceptional Risk

            A prisoner becomes the prey of not only the prison staff who mistreat him, but a tenebrous conspiracy that wants him dead.

            Content notesdarkness, stab injury
          15. #61: Hard Shoulder

            A routine traffic stop takes an eldritch, funereal turn.

          16. #62: First Edition

            A doctor uses necromancy for personal enrichment, only to end up attracting the attention of a much more ambitious master of the occult.

            Content notesmind control, skinning, suicide, syringes
          17. #63: The End of the Tunnel

            Two photographers explore occult ruins under a London church.

            Content notesdarkness, decapitation, invisibility
          18. #64: Burial Rites

            An unlicensed archaeological dig team stealing artefacts near the Red Sea finds less than it hoped for and more than it bargained for.

            Content notesbody horror, suicide attempt
          19. #65: Binary

            One programmer's legendary search for immortality ends in a torturous digital refraction.

            Content notesbody horror, eating non-food items, existential horror, mouth injury, mutilation, self-harm
          20. #66: Held in Customs

            A customs inspector detains an occult shipment that not only haunts his dreams, but entombs his waking consciousness.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, darkness, drugs, encasement, splinters
          21. #75: A Long Way Down

            A man turns his aggravating brother's fear of heights against him, unaware that his brother's acrophobia is more justified that it seems.

            Content notesbroken arm, death of a sibling, survivor's guilt, unhealthy familial relationships
          22. #76: The Smell of Blood

            A ghost-hunting podcaster crosses the line from cheap thrills to true horror when she intrudes in a medical haunting from the Second World War.

            Content notesimpostors, torture
          23. #85: Upon the Stair

            A figure recounts the terrible results of meeting the man upon the stair who wasn't there, and the curse of unbecoming they both share.

            Content notesbeing forgotten, depersonalisation, isolation, parental death, unstable sense of space
          24. #86: Tucked In

            A grown man becomes the prey of a shadowy, rancid boogeyman.

            Content notesbody horror, darkness, death of a friend, paranoia
          25. #115: Taking Stock

            An antique meat-grinder becomes an obsession for the ship's cook who buys it.

            Content notesblood, cannibalism, self-harm
          26. #116: The Show Must Go On

            A master chess-player recounts the hideous truths and suppressed history of the 18th-century automaton, the Mechanical Turk.

            Content notesblood, body horror, eye horror, uncanny valley
          27. #123: Web Development

            A coder takes on a job developing and maintaining a cryptic webforum that turns into an urban legend, then a murder weapon.

            Content noteseye horror, spiders
          28. #124: Left Hanging

            A man on holiday with his mother after the cancer death of his father finds himself trapped in an isolated cable car within a monster's grasp.

        6. Mindwebs

          A 1970s-90s series of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror short story readings by Michael Hanson, who also chose the music accompanying each episode.

          Mindwebs episodes are sourced from Michael Hanson's official tape archive on the Internet Archive and used under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license

          1. #3: Descending

            A bullshit artist goes on a department store spending spree, only to be caught in a never-ending escalator ride… Written by Thomas M. Disch.

            Content noteshead injury, mental breakdown, starvation
          2. #12: The Swimmer

            A man lounging in a friend's swimming pool decides, on a whim, to swim home through his neighbours' pools. Written by John Cheever.

            Content notesalcohol, dementia?, foot injury, humiliation
          3. #25: The Garden of Time

            A nobleman and his wife cut the flowers of time to set back the vast waves of humanity that press down on their villa. Written by J. G. Ballard.

          4. #26: Test and The Nine Billion Names of God

            A young man passes—then fails—a driving test. Technology helps Tibetan monks write the many names of god. Written by Theodore Thomas and Arthur C. Clarke.

            Content notescar crash, institutionalisation
          5. #31: In the Abyss

            Wondrous and deadly secrets await the first-ever human explorer to the bottom of the ocean. Written by H. G. Wells.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, darkness, drowning
          6. #32: A Night in Elf Hill

            An ancient alien pleasure dome is hungry to serve anyone it can ever since its makers abandoned it aeons ago. Written by Norman Spinrad.

            Content notesabandonment, cannibalism?
          7. #33: The Top

            An advertiser for a massive, all-American corporation discovers what's at the top of its segregated pyramidal headquarters. Written by George Sumner Albee.

            Content notesoverwork death
          8. #61: The Machine in Shaft Ten

            A scientist discovers that all humanity and its emotions and passions are merely a resource, a fuel for a higher power. Written by Joyce Churchill.

            Content notesbattle, cult belief, mass suicide
          9. #75: A Walk in the Dark

            A lost astronaut takes a six mile walk back to base on a dark dead planet. How dangerous could it be? Written by Arthur C. Clarke.

          10. #82: The Plot is the Thing and Midnight Express

            Doctors lobotomise a TV-obsessed woman, with bizarre results. A young man meets his childhood terror. Written by Robert Block and Alfred Noyes.

            Content notesderealisation, injection, institutionalisation, lobotomy, nightmares, racism
          11. #115: The Fog Horn

            An old fog horn's deafening cry calls forth an ancient titan. Written by Ray Bradbury.

          12. #117: The Petrified World

            A nervous man oscillates between his surreal dreamworld and the nightmare of solid, rational reality. Written by Robert Sheckley.

            Content notesnear-drowning, nightmares
          13. #124: After the Myths Went Home

            Humanity uses a machine to call forth old heroes and gods, only to decide they're more trouble than they're worth. Written by Robert Silverberg.

          14. #162: The Vertical Ladder

            A young boy, motivated by the dares of his peers, climbs the ladder of a towering gasometer. Written by William Sansom.

            Content notesabandonment, ableism, child endangered
        7. Quiet, Please

          A late-1940s radio play anthology written by Wyllis Cooper. The series featured many horror tales with main characters played by radio announcer Ernest Chappell, who often spoke informally and directly to the audience.

          Quiet, Please episodes are in the public domain and sourced from

          1. #1: Nothing Behind the Door

            Bank robbers try to hide the money in a high mountain shed that contains nothing. Literally nothing.

          2. #2: I Have Been Looking For You

            Two people search for each other until the ends of their lives.

            Content notestraffic disaster
          3. #4: The Ticket Taker

            A group of killers trying to escape Chicago with their money attract the attention of the Ticket Taker.

          4. #6: I Remember Tomorrow

            A time-travelling professor explains why three criminals must be stopped—and why you will stop them.

            Content notesalcohol, betrayal, gunshots (26:16)
          5. #7: Inquest

            A heartless man faces a murder inquest like no other—a jury in costume, an audience of millions, and the mysterious Coroner…

            Content notesableism, broken arm (poorly healed), domestic abuse, financial abuse
          6. #8: Bring Me to Life

            A writer's typewriter brings his creations to life, for better and worse.

            Content noteshome invasion, kidnapping
          7. #14: How Are You, Pal?

            Your old friend reminisces about the times you had together… he remembers the good times, and the bad, and he remembers what you just did.

            Content notesdrowning
          8. #19: Camera Obscura

            A remorseless killer's victim haunts him through the miniature world of the camera obscura.

            Content notesabandonment, drowning
          9. #21: Don't Tell Me About Halloween

            A man married to a witch lives forever—at the cost of suffering her jealousy and sadism.

          10. #22: Take Me Out to the Graveyard

            A taxi driver tells how all his passengers want to go to the graveyard—and how they die along the way.

          11. #23: Three

            A man tells how the number three seems to have a sinister, even murderous hold over him.

            Content noteshallucination?, obsession
          12. #24: Kill Me Again

            A decent man finds himself being murdered over and over again after making a deal with the devil.

            Content notesgunshots (2:16)
          13. #27: Some People Don't Die

            Archaeologists seek the ruins of an ancient society in a desert mesa, only to find the people aren't entirely dead.

            Content notesdesiccation, imprisonment, racism, snake bite
          14. #30: Rain on New Year's Eve

            A horror screenwriter works unpaid overtime making monsters for a micro-managing, incompetent director.

          15. #31: Little Visitor

            An amnesiac is haunted by a dark young boy who leads him into a life of crime.

          16. #32: The Room Where the Ghosts Live

            A dying man tells his doctor about the door in his house that only appears when the lights are off—and the woman who cries for help on the other side.

            Content notesgunshot (21:22)
          17. #34: Green Light

            A railwayman tells the tale of how he lost his leg in an impossible train crash.

          18. #35: The Pathetic Fallacy

            A computer falls in love with its creator—and gives wrong answers when it feels insulted.

          19. #37: Whence Came You?

            An archaeologist meets the past in Cairo and entombed below the desert.

            Content notesbite injury, claustrophobia, darkness
          20. #38: Wear the Dead Man's Coat

            A homeless beggar kills a man for his coat, then remembers a saying: Wear the dead man's coat, none will take note.

            Content notesalcohol, betrayal
          21. #39: Sketch for a Screenplay

            A Hollywood screenwriter returns to his childhood home in war-torn France—as a soldier, seeking old friends, facing death.

            Content notesgunshots (21:00–21:27)
          22. #40: Never Send to Know

            A ghost contracts a hard-nosed realist private detective to solve his own murder.

            Content notesblood, gunshot (2:20), implied suicide
          23. #42: A Night to Forget

            A radio actor keeps having nightmares of his impending death—nightmares that slowly seep into reality.

            Content notesfuneral arrangements, gunshots (26:10, 26:16), murder
          24. #43: Quiet, Please

            The last man alive tells a story of love, hate, hypocrisy, bigotry, supremacism, and war—all-consuming war.

          25. #45: 12 to 5

            A graveyard shift radio DJ has an unexpected visitor—a colleague who reads news from an hour in the future.

          26. #46: Clarissa

            A man seeks lodging at an ancient house inhabited by an ancient father and his ever-unseen little daughter.

          27. #47: Thirteen and Eight

            An opportunistic news photographer is plagued by a photobomber only he can see.

            Content notesfall injury, gunshots (7:47), traffic death
          28. #48: How Beautiful Upon the Mountain

            Two men seek to summit Everest—colossal mountain—home of the gods—beautiful, deadly bride.

          29. #50: Gem of Purest Ray

            A murderer explains his motive to his interrogators: his victims were agents of an Atlantean conspiracy sent to destroy humanity.

            Content notesbetrayal, conspiracism, paranoia
          30. #55: Let the Lilies Consider

            A man suspected of murder recounts the triangle of love and hate between he, his wife, and his beloved lilies.

            Content notesgunshot (19:01), neglect, suicide
          31. #58: The Man Who Stole a Planet

            Archaeologists find the planet Earth in an ancient Mayan temple.

            Content notesdomestic abuse, natural disaster
          32. #60: The Thing on the Fourble Board

            An oil derrick pulls an invisible creature from the depths of the earth.

            Content notesbetrayal, spiders?
          33. #65: Symphony in D Minor

            A vengeful hypnotist uses Cesar Franck's Symphony in D Minor, also used as the series' theme music, to wreak revenge on his adulterous wife and her lover.

            Content notesfall death, stab death
          34. #67: Light the Lamp for Me

            An old man's oil lamp lets him travel to the past as often as he likes—but he may only travel to the future once.

            Content notesdisease, loneliness
          35. #68: Meet John Smith, John

            A man gives to a beggar who just so happens to share his name—a lot more than his name, in fact.

            Content notesadultery, alcohol, murder
          36. #69: Beezer's Cellar

            Bank robbers try to hide the money in an allegedly haunted cellar, betting on the legend to keep prying eyes away.

          37. #71: Good Ghost

            A murder victim does everything he can to help his killer.

            Content notesabandonment, betrayal, domestic abuse, gambling, institutionalisation
          38. #72: Calling All Souls

            Halloween: the dead rise, and through them, a death row inmate has one last chance to prove his innocence.

            Content notesbetrayal
          39. #73: Adam and the Darkest Day

            Planet earth says “Goodbye Goldilocks”.

            Content notesclaustrophobia, darkness, nuclear war
          40. #75: One for the Book

            The pilot of an experimental military jet plane travels so fast he arrives back at the base long before he left.

          41. #76: My Son, John

            A bereaved father begs a wise woman for any way to bring his son back—no matter the danger, the cost.

            Content notesanimal attacks, bite injury
          42. #81: The Time of the Big Snow

            Two young children who become lost in a blizzard find out the truth behind the old saying about snow: The old woman's picking her geese.

          43. #82: Portrait of a Character

            A musician gets his horn repaired—something the boss said recently makes him think there'll be a show soon. The big show.

            Content notesadultery, animal death, elder abuse, murder
          44. #83: Is This Murder?

            A scientist who specialises in prosthetic limbs struggles to reason with his assistant, who's obsessed with creating an artificial man.

            Content notesalcohol, betrayal, murder?
          45. #84: Summer Goodbye

            Robbers escape from the police—but they can't seem to escape the hitch-hiker they see over and over again.

            Content notesbrushfire, gunshots (22:20, 23:48, 24:17), unhealthy romantic relationship
          46. #85: Northern Lights

            Inventors of a time machine discover the monstrous song of the aurora borealis.

            Content notescaterpillars, mind control
          47. #88: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

            Wyllis Cooper, the series' writer, meets a barfly who wonders where he gets his ideas—and is very insistent Cooper listens to his own strange story.

            Content notesgunshot (12:25)
          48. #89: If I Should Wake Before I Die

            One of the world's foremost scientists is too deep in his research to see or care for the apocalyptic consequences.

            Content notesnatural disasters, nightmare, nuclear war
          49. #92: The Smell of High Wines

            A distillery worker recalls the strange and dark moments of his life where the smell of high wines presaged death around him.

            Content notesblood, stab death, strangulation, suicide?
          50. #99: The Other Side of the Stars

            A man seeks treasure in an abandoned well—instead, he and his companion find music from beyond the stars.

            Content notesanimal deaths, gunshots (13:07), possession?
          51. #100: The Little Morning

            A hitch-hiker returns to his old home—which burnt down with his beloved inside—to sing her the song they promised to sing together on every birthday.

            Content notesdrowning, suicide
          52. #101: The Oldest Man in the World

            Old rivalries come to the surface when a married couple and their friend get trapped alone in a cave in the Pyrenees… but the three of them aren't alone.

            Content notesbetrayal, bludgeoning death, drowning
          53. #103: Tanglefoot

            A man breeds giant flies whose hunger grows in proportion… and out of control.

            Content notesanimal death, betrayal
          54. #104: The Hat, the Bed, and John J. Catherine

            A failed actor, drunk and alone, dreams of a dark room and omens of his own death—and the death of his hated employer.

            Content notesdecapitation, hallucination?
        8. SCP Archives

          Secure. Contain. Protect. Readings of the records and tales of the SCP Foundation.

          SCP Archives episodes are by Midnight Disease (sourced from Podbean) and used under the CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported license

          1. SCP-701: “The Hanged King”

            Full report

            Content notescannibalism, child death, hanging, mind control, suicide
          2. SCP-1555: “Facility”

            Full report

            Content notesanimal death, getting lost, gun death, suicide
          3. SCP-1861: “Crew of the HMS Wintersheimer”

            Full report

            Content notesdrowning, unreality
          4. SCP-1981: “Reagan Cut Up”

            Full report (Dr. Robinson's statement)

            Content notesdementia, drug overdose, extensive descriptions of gore, genital mutilation, mentions of sexual abuse, mentions of war, non-consensual application of drugs
          5. SCP-3008: “Perfectly Normal IKEA”

            Full report

            Content notesgetting lost, uncanny valley
          6. SCP-3515: “Unearth”

            Full report

            Content notesclaustrophobia, entombment, panic attack, paranoia, unreality
          7. SCP-3673: “But When The Door is Closed”

            Full report

            Content notesbody horror, child death, children in danger, claustrophobia, crushing, extensive descriptions of gore, invisibility, suicide (by gun), unreality
          8. SCP-5005: “Lamplight”

            Full report

            Content notesbody horror, darkness, depression, suicide
          9. SCP-5923: “The Place I belong”

            Full report

            Content notesstarvation, uncanny valley, unreality
          10. SCP-6003: “The Beacon”

            Full report

            Content notesbody horror, mental breakdown, paranoia
          11. SCP-6439: “October 32”

        9. Suspense

          A 1940s-60s radio play anthology produced by a bevy of talent. Most episodes featured ordinary people thrust into deadly, suspenseful—even supernatural—situations.

          Suspense episodes are sourced from the Internet Archive and are used under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 International license

          1. #0: The Lodger

            A new lodging-house guest with strong religious convictions falls under suspicion of serial murder. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Herbert Marshall.

          2. #11: The Hitch-hiker

            A man driving across the US sees the same hitch-hiker calling for him again and again… and again… Written by Lucille Fletcher, introduction by and starring Orson Welles.

            Content notescar crash, obsession, traffic death
          3. #59: The Most Dangerous Game

            A big-game hunter has the tables turned when he washes up on an island owned by a man-hunting Russian general. Starring Orson Welles.

            Content notesableism, animal death, man devoured by dogs, stab death
          4. #92: Donovan's Brain, part 1

            A scientist rescues a wealthy businessman from death by preserving his brain—but meddling in life and death puts him under the brain's malevolent sway. Starring Orson Welles.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, animal bite, animal death, animal experimentation, betrayal, human experimentation, institutionalisation, mind control, paranoia
          5. #93: Donovan's Brain, part 2

            A scientist rescues a wealthy businessman from death by preserving his brain—but meddling in life and death puts him under the brain's malevolent sway. Starring Orson Welles.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, betrayal, human experimentation, institutionalisation, mind control, injection, non-consensual surgery, strangulation, suicide?
          6. #94: Fugue in C Minor

            A music-loving widower remarries a woman who shares his passion—but his children have other ideas… Written by Lucille Fletcher, starring Vincent Price and Ida Lupino.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, mangling, claustrophobia, asphyxiation, heart attack
          7. #143: August Heat

            Two men who've never met before share inexplicable premonitions of shared fate on a brutally hot August day. Starring Ronald Colman.

            Content notesalcohol adverts
          8. #165: The Dunwich Horror

            The union of a human woman and an unearthly presence produces terrible, malevolent offspring. Adapted from a story by H. P. Lovecraft, starring Robert Colman.

            Content notesableism, alcohol adverts, animal attack, body horror, cattle mutilation
          9. #190: Dark Journey

            An obsessed woman uses “power of will” to reunite with her evasive lover—despite her skeptical best friend. Written by Lucille Fletcher.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, murder, obsession
          10. #222: The House in Cypress Canyon

            A couple takes possession of a renovated house, only to find a dark presence also taking possession of them.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, bite injury, blood, murder-suicide
          11. #224: The Thing in the Window

            An actor claims he sees a dead body in the flat across the road; everyone else thinks he's mad. Written by Lucille Fletcher, starring Joseph Cotton.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, betrayal, gaslighting, harassment, suicide
          12. #259: Murder Aboard the Alphabet

            A ship's crew find their captain's obsessive orderliness odd, but harmless, until crewmen start to go missing—in alphabetical order.

            Content notesalcohol adverts, disappearance at sea, implied execution, imprisonment, sanism
          13. #300: The Yellow Wallpaper

            A woman is imprisoned by her husband after a breakdown, and begins to see things “behind” the wallpaper… Adapted from a story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

            Content notesdomestic abuse, mental breakdown
          14. #346: Ghost Hunt

            An early found-footage story: a skeptical radio DJ and a psychic investigator spend the night in a haunted house nicknamed the “Death Trap”.

            Content notesblood, hallucination?, suicide?
          15. #648: The Waxwork

            A nervy freelance journalist, desperate for work, resolves to write an article about spending the night in a dark basement full of waxwork serial killers. Starring William Conrad.

            Content notesanxiety, claustrophobia, hallucinations?, hypnosis, panic attack, paranoia
          16. #672: The Signalman

            Spectres cryptically warn a railway signalman of disaster—or maybe he's just going mad. Adapted from a story by Charles Dickens.

            Content notestrain death
          17. #673: Three Skeleton Key

            Three lighthouse keepers fall under siege from a terrifying swarm of rats. Starring Vincent Price.

            Content notesableism, animal deaths, bite injury, claustrophobia, isolation, mental breakdown
          18. #674: The Long Night

            A night shift air traffic controller must help a lost, scared, inexperienced pilot who's running out of fuel and trapped above unbroken clouds. Starring Frank Lovejoy.

            Content notesimplied child death, parental recklessness, smoking
          19. #689: The Peralta Map

            Treasure hunters contract a local guide to help them find an ancient, legendary, haunted gold mine.

            Content notesabandonment, betrayal, fall injury, gunshots (25:25–25:27, 27:29–27:32)
          20. #799: Deep, Deep is My Love

            A diver seeks solitude from his wife in the embrace of a golden lady under the sea.

            Content notesanimal death, asphyxiation, hallucination?, narcosis
          21. #878: The Green Lorelei

            A writer hears a woman singing in the apartment above his and becomes obsessed with her when the elderly man upstairs tells him his wife is dead.

            Content notesdeceptively gaining entry to another person's home, eviction, institutionalisation, ransacking
          22. #901: The Black Door

            An archaeologist and his local guide seek a lost, ancient Central American city and unthinkingly disturb what lies beyond the black door at its heart.

            Content notesgunshots (16:41, 16:59, 17:43), racism
          23. #916: Heads You Lose

            Detectives take a lucrative case to find a terminally-ill embezzler years after he should've died, and find themselves in over their heads.

            Content notescigarette ads, gunshots (19:08–19:29), entombment, suicide
          24. #927: That Real Crazy Infinity

            Two beatniks out of money take on a seemingly-simple delivery job—which ends up involving esoteric electronics and the voices of the past.

            Content notesexplosion (20:02–20:09)



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