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Weird Waves


Control your playlist here—you can also add shows or series from the Archive.



This list includes information about every show available on the site.


Weird Waves is a fake radio station broadcasting horror and weird fiction! You can find shows in the Archive, check or re-order your playlist in the Booth, and listen to them in the Radio. Have fun!

Right now the Archive has:

Content notes

Aside from specific notes in the Archive, there's also a few general ones: death and worse fates (this station's mostly for horror) and implicit bigotry in the older sources (I weed out the worse ones, but the rest still reflect their time).


For site news, see the News Archive (RSS). This is now less-often updated.


For shows, check the Archive.

The serif font is Bitter by Sol Matas and the sans-serif font is Fira Sans by Carrois Type Design and the Mozilla Foundation.

The app is hosted on Neocities.

Everything else by Speak the Sky/Murder_VT!


This section covers how to use Weird Waves to provide audio background as a livestreamer, e.g. on Twitch. Make sure to check out the Settings as well.

Making a widget

To use Weird Waves like a stream widget in software like OBS:

  1. Create a browser source.
  2. Set its URL to .
  3. Delete its default custom CSS.
  4. Resize and crop it.
  5. Right-click it and select “Interact” to use it just like you are now.

Isolating the radio

Use this custom CSS to add empty space above and below the radio, for easier cropping:

#radio {
	margin-block: 100vh;

Customising the theme

Set the theme to “Dark”, then add this custom CSS:

.theme-dark {
	--foreground-colour: [colour];
	--background-colour: [colour];
	--hot-detail-colour: [colour];
	--cold-detail-colour: [colour];

Replace the colours with your own colour values. These can be any valid CSS colours: hex codes, RGB values, HTML colour names, etc.

Customising the font

Set the font to “Serif”, then add this custom CSS:

.font-serif {
	--font-stack: [font];

Replace the font with the name of any font installed on your computer. If the name includes a space, wrap the whole name in quotes (e.g. "Comic Sans").


All LibriVox recordings (the LibriVox selection and several other series in the Archive) are in the public domain.

The copyright status of old radio broadcasts is murky, but they're de facto public domain—any person or organisation who could press a claim is long dead or gone. This isn't legal advice, but… nobody (BBC aside) cares about the atom-thin penny shavings you'd make from streaming ancient, commercially-irrelevant radio broadcasts on Twitch.

If you're still concerned, switch on the following toggle to exclude more-recent copyright series/sources when adding random shows or the entire archive to the playlist: CASiana, Mindwebs, Nightfall, and Seeing Ear Theater.


Control how Weird Waves looks and functions here. Unless you prevent this site from storing data in your browser, these settings will be remembered when you return to Weird Waves.

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Welcome to Weird Waves!

Weird Waves is an audio horror site where you can explore the classics and hidden gems of 20th-century radio plays and public-domain audiobooks featuring the weird and the disturbing!