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        1. (gamma): New shows

          From LibriVox:

          • #34, Fog
          • #35, Ancient Lights
          • #36, The Kingdom of the Worm
          • #37, The Man Who Found Out
          • #38, The Primal City

          Also from LibriVox, but separated due to their length, is Algernon Blackwood's horror story The Willows in four parts, and the first section of Lord Dunsany's Pegāna myth cycle, The Gods of Pegāna, in 3 parts.

          And from Seeing Ear Theater:

          • #36, In the Shade of the Slowboat Man
          • #37, Greedy Choke Puppy
        2. (gamma): New shows and news archival

          From a new source, Seeing Ear Theater, which was a 1997–2001 online radio play series of sci-fi adaptations and originals:

          • #12, An Elevator and a Pole, part 1
          • #13, An Elevator and a Pole, part 2
          • #18, Titanic Dreams
          • #29, Facade
          • #43 and #44, Emily 501
          • #45, Marilyn or the Monster, part 1
          • #46, Marilyn or the Monster, part 2
          • #55 and #74, Meet the Neighbor and Too Late
          • #85, The Oblivion Syndrome
          • #88, Into The Sun

          I also moved most of the news posts so far this year to the News Archive with everything from last year.

          Finally, I've made a change to the scheduling so starting next week there'll be 5 shows in the weekday loop, not 6.

        3. (gamma): New shows

          From Mindwebs:

          • #79, In the Imagicon and Corrida
          • #106, Deaf Listener and Shall the Dust Praise Thee?
          • #131, The Racer
          • #160, Letter to a Phoenix
        4. (gamma): New shows

          From The Magnus Archives:

          • #14, Piecemeal
          • #19, Confession Ⅰ
          • #20, Desecrated Host Ⅱ
          • #21, Freefall
          • #60, Observer Effect
          • #71, Underground
          • #81, A Guest For Mr. Spider
          • #97, We All Ignore the Pit
          • #98, Lights Out
          • #140, The Movement of the Heavens
          • #150, Cul-De-Sac
          • #166, The Worms

        For older news, see the News Archive.


        Weird Waves is a fake radio station broadcasting a schedule of horror and weird fiction!

        It broadcasts radio plays, audiobooks, podcast stories, and more, all public domain or under open licenses. Shows start every hour on the hour and new schedules start every week in the station's timezone (UTC+0). Tune in to listen! Alternatively, choose any show in the archive, or click the Random link in the menu.

        Getting started

        The Schedule lists which shows are playing this week; the Forecast lists when they're playing. Click around the different sections of the site to see what else there is!

        Content Notes

        You can find each show's content notes in the Radio, Schedule, and Archive. There's also a few general ones: death and worse fates (this station's mostly for horror, after all) and implicit bigotry in the older sources (I weed out the worse ones, but the rest still reflect the baseline shittiness of their time).


        The main serif font is Bitter by Sol Matas. The main sans-serif font is Fira Sans by Carrois Type Design and the Mozilla Foundation.

        For show/series/source credits, check the Archive. The OTR Plot Spot was useful for finding more information about old radio plays and the Magnus Archives fan-wiki page about content warnings was very useful for writing archive entries for that series.

        The app is hosted on Neocities.

        Everything else by Speak the Sky!


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        • When do shows start?

          Every hour on the hour.

        • How long do shows run for?

          Most run 20-30 minutes. No show will run over one hour (longer shows will be split into smaller parts).

        • What if I miss a show?

          Shows repeat during the week—check the Forecast to see exactly when shows play. Don't worry if you miss something completely: shows will be rerun in future, and whole weekly schedules might even be reused (if you're desperate, you can find the show's source link in the Archive and listen to it whenever you want).

        • When does the schedule start?

          New schedules start at 12 a.m. on Monday in the UTC+0 timezone.


        • I tuned in just before the hour started, but the show didn't start

          Occasionally, if you tune in to an intermission, the last few seconds of the previous show will play before the intermission starts, no matter what time the show actually ended. If you tune in right before the start of the hour then those few seconds might overlap with—and block—the start of the next show. Solution: Try refreshing the page.

        • I tuned in during the last show on the forecast, but another show's playing

          This is a currently-unavoidable bug that happens if you tune in during the last show of the week (in the station's timezone) instead of tuning in before it starts and letting it start automatically. Solution: There isn't one (yet). Just think of it as a teaser for next week, I guess.

        • I tuned in during/after a show, but it started from the beginning

          This shouldn't happen at all and means a vital part of the station isn't running, or can't run, in your browser. Solution: Try refreshing the page, but you'll probably need to email me at the address given below this FAQ.

        • There's a message reading “Sorry, this site requires javascript!”

          Javascript's been disabled in your browser or on your device. Solution: If you've disabled javascript then you probably know how to enable it again. If not, look up how to enable javascript in your browser, on your current device.

        • The Schedule and Forecast are empty and there's no Radio

          Either the script files didn't download correctly or they had a fatal error that stopped them from running. Solution: Try refreshing the page. If that fails, try a cache refresh (there are different keyboard shortcuts for this in each browser, on each operating system, so you'll have to look it up).

        • My settings reset every time I restart my browser

          If you use strict privacy settings in your browser then it may not save this site's settings. Solution: Set an exception for this site in your browser's privacy settings.

        Can't find the answers you're looking for? Solutions didn't fix your problems? Email with your questions.


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          You can use “personal primetime” to mark a range of times each day on the Forecast. When active, enter the hours that primetime should start and end (in 24-hour format, e.g. “17” is 5 p.m.), then click the button to update the Forecast.

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        Got questions, feedback, praise? Wanna request a show on an upcoming schedule, or a new series to be added to the station? Think something's missing from a show's content notes? Contact me in any of these ways:


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